Barbarous Mexico

by Aarón Soto, Edgar Nito,

Gigi Saúl Guerrero, Isaac Ezbán,

Jorge Michel Grau, Lex Ortega,

Laurette Flores, Ulises Guzmán


Intended for mature audiences only (18+)

"This screening contains material that some viewers may find disturbing"



8 Mexican directors unite to bring you tales of the most brutally shocking Mexican traditions and legends to life.


México Bárbaro shows the world stories that form a part of our culture, and even some that have haunted us and made us have nightmares since childhood, those ones which took away our innocence. The boogeyman, trolls, ghosts, creatures, Aztec sacrifices, and of course our most beloved tradition, Day of the Dead, immerse in urban and rural stories are some of the issues that make up this anthology.



Lex Ortega

Segment "What matters It’s on the inside"

Laura, a girl who has a strange obsession of always looking out the window, is now a witness to her neighborhood’s most brutal and savage act.  She witness her little brother’s kidnap, her worst nightmare unfolds, as she cannot communicate.



Aarón Soto

Segment "Drain"

-A young teenage girl must drain all the blood from her mother’s vagina to feed her new little “friend”.



Ulises Guzmán

Segment "Seven times Seven"

“Rabbit” steals a corpse from the cemetery to bring it back to life by following a magical ritual, and takes precious care of the body for a lengthy time to assure its humanity and memory will return. Once the deed is done, all the inner hate stored inside Rabbit kills the human and begins the ritual again. All this is to fulfill the sinful and hungry revenge that Rabbit can’t get rid of.



Gigi Saúl Guerrero

Segment "Day of the Dead"

In a seedy strip club of Northern Mexico, a group of abused women find themselves bound together under the command of Madam Dona Luz. On the celebratory night of Dia de los Muertos, the club known as “La Candelaria” welcome all sinful men who enter. Unbeknownst that’s this is no ordinary club, the men face much more than just a show.



Isaac Ezbán

Segment "That precious thing"

Javier and Valeria are love-struck teenagers who decide to escape for a weekend getaway to a cabin for an unforgettable night. They will most definitely have one… but not the way they intended. Deep inside the woods live the Alushes, the most untrustworthy trolls that usually steal undervalued goods for humans. However, this time the Alushes are out to get something even bigger: Valeria’s virginity.



Edgar Nito

Segment "Jaral de Berrios"

Two robbers, escaping from their crime carrying their stolen valuables, are forced to hide away in the abandoned shack “Jaral de Barrios” to avoid being captured by authorities. During their stay they see things out of the ordinary; things that appear far from normal and beg the question if staying in this place is a dangerous and regrettable decision.



Laurette Flores

Segment "Tzompantli"

From the future, a newspaper journalist narrates how 2014 was the year a Drug lord’s shrine embodied an ancient savage Mexican tradition.



Jorge Michel

Grau Segment “Dolls”

In the waters of Xochimilco lies a particular swamp that attracts many tourists around the world every year. Mysterious dolls ancient dolls hang here, some torn apart, others slowly decomposing, and a few tortured. Nobody knows the secret behind them, but if you look closely in the eyes of the dolls, they will be the ones to tell you.