Press Release 2015

Viva Mexico Film Festival


The Best of Mexican Cinema coming to Perth


− Opening night screening. "600 Miles".

Cygnet Cinema in Como. Wednesday 28

October. 7.30 pm

− 8 sessions at The Backlot Perth. 5-8 November.

− 3 feature films and a short film at the Carnival Macabre, Northbridge Piazza.

28 - 31 October.

− Festival Party with Day of the Dead theme. The Blue Flamingo. Thursday 5

November. 8.30 pm.


Perth, 8th of October 2015.- In its first year, the Viva Mexico Film Festival

( will be screening the best of contemporary

Mexican cinema in Perth, from 28 October to 8 November. As part of the film

festival celebrations, we will be hosting a Mexican party, themed around the Day

of the Dead, at the new venue The Blue Flamingo in Leederville.


“The festival’s film line up will include an exciting mix of genres providing a

glimpse into modern day Mexico as seen through the eyes of creative Mexican

filmmakers. We are sure that the Australian audience will enjoy our selection,

each film with a very distinctive Mexican flavour", says Sarah Connor, Director of

the Viva Mexico Film Festival.


“Film is a very important industry in my country and we are proud to be able to

share some of the most acclaimed, contemporary Mexican films with our

audiences in Perth and Melbourne in this, the first year of our festival. We aim to

take the festival to Sydney next year and to expand to other Australian cities as

we grow", explains Jose Briones, Director of Operations of the festival.


The Viva Mexico Film Festival kicks off in Perth on 28 October screening "600

Miles" at the Cygnet Cinema in Como. The film, starring the British actor Tim

Roth, has received excellent reviews and has been selected to represent Mexico

as a contender for Best Foreign Film at the Oscars. It also won Best First Feature

at the 65th Berlin International Film Festival. The rest of the festival will be

screened at the state-of-the-art cinema, The Backlot Perth, in West Perth.

A festival party will be hosted on Thursday 5 November at The Blue Flamingo in

Leederville. The theme will be around the Day of the Dead with a live band

playing salsa and other Latin dance rhythms.


Tickets for the films cost $20, entry to the party $25. All tickets are on sale

through Eventbrite and can be accessed by the festival website and Facebook page “Viva Mexico Film



About Viva Mexico Film Festival


The Viva Mexico Film Festival ( will screen the

best of contemporary Mexican cinema, providing a glimpse into Mexico's present

and past and into its rich cultural heritage.


The first year of the festival will be held in Perth and Melbourne. It will be

screening 14 different films from a range of genres including action, drama,

suspense, comedy, animated film and terror.


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