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Mexico is fast becoming one of the world's most popular tourist destinations. Tourists from around the world come to see Mexico's  stunning scenery, beautiful sandy beaches and to learn about its incredible cultural heritage.


It is a country of contrasts - from lush tropical rainforests to arid deserts, from mountains to vast plains, home to a range of native peoples with fascinating traditions and languages mixed in with colonial influences from Spain.  Such contrasts in landscape and culture are revealed through Mexico's exquisite gastronomy, vibrant music and dance and eclectic architectural styles.


Come take a look at what Mexico has to offer...


Mexican Mole

Mexico is well known for its culinary delights.

The subtle blends  of rich, traditional Mexican

ingredients produce dishes with  exquisite

flavours and aromas, certain to arouse the

senses of those who discover them.


One of the most well known and

flavoursome dishes in Mexico is Mole

(pronounce molay).  The regions with the

best known moles are Puebla and Oaxaca,

although other regions in Mexico also make

various types of mole sauces. Possibly the

best known is Mole Poblano.


Mole poblano contains about 20 ingredients, including chili peppers and chocolate.

The chocolate counteracts the heat of the chili peppers, but it doesn't  dominate the overall flavour.  It does, however, help give the Mole Poblano sauce its rich, dark color.

Other types of mole include the mole amarillito fom Mexico's  southeast, mole prieto of Tlaxcala, mole ranchero from Morelos, amongst others. The word 'guacamole' is derived from "guaca" (from “aguacate” or avocado) and the word mole.



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