The Chosen Ones R18+ | 1h 45min | Drama


Sofia has 14 years and is in love with Ulises who is from a family whose patriarch is heavily involved in human trafficking.

His father and older brother both lure women into prostitution by seducing them and then threatening their families and loved ones if they don’t agree to “work” for them.

Sofia is Ulises’ first victim but he is still relatively innocent and thus, when it is too late, he attempts to help Sofia. His father offers him a proposition that if he can find another girl to replace Sofia with he will let her go.


David Pablos


Written By

David Pablos


Line Producer

Marta Nunez Puerto


Associate Producers

Marta Nunez Puerto, Paola Suarez, Pedro Peirano



Carolina Costa



Carlo Ayhllon



Alejandro de Icaza


Production designer

Daniela Schneider


Costume Design

Elmer Figueroa



Miguel Schverdfinger, Aina Calleja



Oscar Torres, Nancy Talamantes, Leidi Gutierrez, Jose Santillan Cabuto, Edward Coward, Alicia Quinonez, Raquel Presa, Susana Perez, Gisela Madrigal, Jorge Calderon, Felipe Tututi, Yesenia Meza


Production Company

Canana, Manny Films, Krafty Films